Strategic Agenda - Tasks

2. Fuzzy matching


Considering the segments {{ textACode }} and {{ textBCode }}.

Create an algorithm to show their edit distance of the real text (i.e. ignoring formatting text, numbers, symbols, punctuation, etc).

Ideally, for each of the ignored categories, a -1% penalty needs to be applied.

For instance, the edit distance of our example is approx. 95%.


 Enter TextA and TextB. Then press the button to find edit distance.
The edit distance of these segments is approx. {{ editDistance }}%.

3. Batch selection


Considering you have a DB with 10 entries and each entry contains X words

Create a function to create three batches of segments based on the user's values (two values, first batch and second batch).

For instance, the first batch while containing max 400 words (or less), the second batch max 250 words (or less) and last, the rest.

The function will create a batch with the segments 1-5 (real word count 398 words), a batch with the segments 6-8 (real word count 236 words) and a batch with the rest (i.e. segments 9-10).


Batch A

Seg. 1 - {{ batchA.segment }}. Real word count {{batchA.realWords }} words.

  1. {{i}}

Batch B

Seg. {{ batchA.segment+1 }} - {{ batchB.segment }}. Real word count {{batchB.realWords }} words.

  1. {{i}}

Batch C

Seg. {{ batchB.segment+1 }} - {{ batchC.segment }}. Real word count {{batchC.realWords }} words.

  1. {{i}}